“Agency” and the Gig Economy

Deloitte Research and the MIT Sloan Management Review published an interesting report recently entitled “Opportunity Marketplaces.” Their premise is that companies should create internal talent platforms  which are employee directed and enable workers to  develop new skills and investigate new intellectually challenging corporate projects.  By providing such opportunity marketplaces, employees will be able to exercise… Continue reading “Agency” and the Gig Economy

Updating “Thriving in the Gig Economy”

Perhaps because of AB5, the new law regulating independent contractors in California, I have been getting a lot of calls from journalists, think tanks and thought leaders about the #GigEconomy. (I even got one from a reporter in Iowa on the eve of the caucus.  “Really?”, I asked, “shouldn’t you be writing about the election?”… Continue reading Updating “Thriving in the Gig Economy”

Politics and the #GigEconomy

I suppose I should be happy that the #gigeconomy is at least being mentioned by some of the presidential candidates.  That said, I am disappointed with their frame of reference. Mayor Pete has been the one who has proposed allowing gig workers to unionize.  In so doing, he had made the mistake which many people… Continue reading Politics and the #GigEconomy

New Data on the Gig Economy: 5 Takeaways

July 1, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments My favorite source of gig economy data, The State of Independence in America, recently announced its 2019 findings. When I was writing my most recent book, Thriving in the Gig Economy, it seemed like a new report was being released every month, so trying to reconcile the results was often a challenge.  (I… Continue reading New Data on the Gig Economy: 5 Takeaways

The Power of Predictive Proof

0ne of the benefits of being a Board member of CPP Inc.-The Myers-Briggs Company is that we get to use the products. Each year at our off-sites, we take an assessment and then, one of the PhD psychologists on our research staff takes us through the history of the tool, key markets, and – the… Continue reading The Power of Predictive Proof

Community in the #Gig Economy

A challenge for many workers in the # gig economy is the isolation.  By definition independent workers are working on their own, an island away from the mainland. You do get to mingle with clients now and then, but for many, independent work is remote, and that client connection is via email, phone or maybe… Continue reading Community in the #Gig Economy

#CoolGigCompanies – Shortlist – Scaling Recruitment in the Developing World

People often ask me why I wrote my latest book, Thriving in the Gig Economy.  It was due in part to the fact that in the summer of 2016, three different investor groups approached me for ideas about gig economy platforms.  One of those groups went on to create a very cool, platform that is… Continue reading #CoolGigCompanies – Shortlist – Scaling Recruitment in the Developing World

#CoolGigCompanies – The Hired Guns – Creative Solutions for the Digital Future

I have to laugh when people talk about the “new” gig economy, because the truth of the matter is, it is not new at all.  Gigs have been around for a long time as have companies who help successful independent consultants find interesting work.  The digital talent platforms may be getting a lot of the… Continue reading #CoolGigCompanies – The Hired Guns – Creative Solutions for the Digital Future

Timing and the #GigEconomy

People are often surprised when they discover the millions of people who choose to work independently in the #GigEconomy.  Various studies show that their motivation is the desire for flexibility; some want to be their own boss, or more specifically, avoid having any boss at all.  Others want to make more money. But for many… Continue reading Timing and the #GigEconomy