#CoolGigCompanies – Gigworker.com, A New Resource for Gig Workers

Brett Helling  wants GigWorker.com to be for independent workers what Ridester has become for drivers in the rideshare business. Ridester is the “got to” resource for rideshare drivers and customers with how to guides, industry news, and specialized promotions for all things related to rideshare apps. And Brett should know how, since he is the one that bought Ridester and grew its reach by 119%.

As the gig world continues to grow, there is more and more information being served up to the independent worker community.  In my recent book, Thriving in the Gig Economy, I cite several great resource sites, Like Freelancers Union  and Peers.com, .both of  whom are not for profit advocacy organizations working to make the lot of most freelancers easier; they provide information on health benefits, retirement products targeted at independents, and a directory of service providers that can make running an independent business more seamless. GigWorker.com is taking a slightly different approach.

Gigworker is focusing on the independent worker that is securing work through apps.  This is becoming a growing cohort of the more than 56 million independent workers in the US. According to the annual survey, Freelancing in America, done jointly by the Freelancers Union and one of the largest digital talent platforms, Upwork, the number of people securing work through online talent sites is increasing rapidly.  In 2014 only 42% of those surveyed had actually gotten work online, whereas in 2018 the number was 64%.

The site is set up by online app sector, so visitors can learn about opportunities in general freelancing, transportation, delivery, or task services.  Each section also highlights some of the major players in that space. Although the lists are not exhaustive, it is a solid start. Each sector also has guides for rookies getting started as well as content aimed at experienced independent workers.  It is aimed at anyone making money in the gig economy, from lower skilled workers to the most specialized.

Right now, Brett’s goal is to get more visitors. Since the site launched at the end of 2018 there has been solid growth. The key, he believes,  is to provide content that is of real value to the community. He is taking a long term view of what independent workers need.  One thing the community needs is a sounding board, so he has built a forum feature that enables the community to share problems, challenges or opportunities.

He is working on providing his own job board, but one that will differ from the current market.  He wants to help independent workers understand their brand and in so doing recognize the right opportunities for them within the job board.  Other enhancements include information on apps that help freelancers manage their business better, coworking situations and health benefits.  There is a lot on the drawing board, but it doesn’t keep him up at night.  After all, he has the best talent available, the gig worker community.

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