A Merger in the Gig Economy…Or Not

As part of my research for my new book, Thriving in the Gig Economy, which will be coming out next spring, I had the opportunity to interview Stephen DeWitt, the  CEO of WorkMarket. http://www.workmarket.com Although it sounds banal to say it, Stephen is a visionary...

The Gig Economy Eco System

Employment in the Gig Economy As the politicians debate the implications of the gig economy, they typically just talk about jobs.  They lament that so many gig workers don’t have benefits and are being taken advantage of by those running the powerful digital...

The Name Game in the Gig Economy

Catalants and the Gig Economy I love to be right.  A few months back I blogged about my amusing experience applying to join the Hourly Nerd  digital talent platform.  I asked the question, “$22 million in funding and they couldn’t come up with a better...


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