Independence Day and the Gig Economy

As I like to say, I started a Gig Economy company before the term was even coined.  M Squared Consulting matched independent consultants to projects,  My partner, Paula Reynolds and I, founded the business on a shoestring and grew it to a multi-million dollar...

Timing and the #GigEconomy

People are often surprised when they discover the millions of people who choose to work independently in the #GigEconomy.  Various studies show that their motivation is the desire for flexibility; some want to be their own boss, or more specifically, avoid having any...

Mortgages and the #Gig Economy

Getting a mortgage is one of the challenges for independent workers in the #GigEconomy. Lenders typically qualify loan applicants based on employment income as reported on a W2.  There could be significant other income reported on 1099s, but that seldom seemed...

California’s New Ruling on the #GigEconomy

The April 30th opinion handed down by the California Supreme Court about worker classification has been described as a “seismic shift” which could cause “the end of the Gig Economy.” Those latter dire predictions suggest that the curtain is coming down on what has...

Pricing – More of an Art than a Science

Pricing – More of an Art than a Science

There was a great article in Medium today advocating that all freelancers adopt rush fees.  The idea is that urgent projects require special attention that may shuffle the priorities of your existing workload.  So between the extra hours and other client...



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