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DATE:TIME                             MEDIA:                                                 COMMENTS:

1.  7/101:00 amKHTS-AM/Santa Clarita CA20 min taped w/Coaches’ Corner, AM Talk Radio
2.  7/119:00 amKCEP-FM/Las Vegas NV30 min live w/Enterprising People, FM Talk
3.  7/123:50 pmWILS-AM/Lansing MI10 min live w/Michael Cohen, AM Talk Radio
4.  7/138:30 amKGO-AM/San Francisco CA20 min taped IN STUDIO w/Techonomics, 50,000 watt AM
5.  7/143:30 pmWall Street Business Network15 min taped w/Moe Ansari, nationally syndicated
6.  7/1910:00 am96.5 Jack FM/Seattle WA15 min taped w/Lee Callahan, 50,000 watt FM
7.  7/191:00 pmSchool for Startups Radio-national30 min taped w/Jim Beach, nationally syndicated


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