I have many stories from Uber drivers, since I like to engage them whenever I get in an uber.  I like to know why they drive, how often they work, do they operate with multiple companies, do they want to be an employee, do they have other gigs as well etc. The repartee helps pass the time but also keeps me current on what is going on in that driving segment of the gig economy.

I only wish I had written them all down.

One of my favorites was a fellow, I will call John. I took a ride with him in January in the evening, so it was dark, but I would peg him as in his early 30s.  It was a Sunday night and he was driving because his “work was done” and he had had a good day.  I innocently asked, “SO, you work on Sunday?  What do you do?”  His answer was, “I play fantasy football.”

In the ensuing discussion, he must have said at least three times that he makes a six figure income playing fantasy football.  To be good at it though, you need to know all the players, study the injury reports and truly do your homework each week.  As such, it is a very solitary pursuit.  Driving for Uber is the way for him to get some social time.  Thank goodness, he had a chatty customer like me.

He liked the freedom to work whenever he wanted, like at the end of a busy day watching football. He grimaced at the notion of being an employee. “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.” he replied. And then, of course, he had to tell me yet again, how much money he makes…


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