As I like to say, I started a Gig Economy company before the term was even coined.  M Squared Consulting matched independent consultants to projects,  My partner, Paula Reynolds and I, founded the business on a shoestring and grew it to a multi-million dollar enterprise that we then sold to a South African conglomerate.  One of my communication techniques was a weekly message to the troops, wherever they were.  I often talked about the business, but sometimes I commented on the news of the day.  Here is one of my posts about Independence Day back from 2005.

“Since its a holiday weekend and I know everyone wants to get out of “Dodge”, I will keep this short. I did want to point out that this holiday is a special one for us at M Squared.  Independence Day is our special day, since that is what we are all about. We enable independent consultants to find challenging work, and we hep our clients find independent experts who can deliver results.  We operate in an independent fashion, such that we are agnostic about who our clients use to do the work. As a company, we are independent individuals (though some in my family might substitute the word stubborn) who demonstrate independent initiative every day, the results of which can certainly produce fireworks.

So I for one, am very grateful to the Founding Fathers for creating this great country – a land of freedom and opportunity, a land where “two girls and a car” (as we were once described) could create a $50 million business, filled with great people dedicated to delivering the power of independent expertise.  Happy 4th of July!”

To all the independent workers out there as well as those companies who are empowering independent talent, Happy Independence Day!


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