To “B” or not to “B”: Becoming a B Corporation

The Myers-Briggs Company is now a B Cirporation, but few people understand what that means. This provides an explanation of B Corps and the certification process required. It also explains the reasons why companies, their employees, investors, customers and the planet areseeing the value of certified B Corporations

The Power of Predictive Proof

0ne of the benefits of being a Board member of CPP Inc.-The Myers-Briggs Company is that we get to use the products. Each year at our off-sites, we take an assessment and then, one of the PhD psychologists on our research staff takes us through the history of the...

Community in the #Gig Economy

A challenge for many workers in the # gig economy is the isolation.  By definition independent workers are working on their own, an island away from the mainland. You do get to mingle with clients now and then, but for many, independent work is remote, and that client...


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